L.O.L with Danielle!
1 min readJan 20, 2022

Hey there! Looking for a place to engage in entertainment and education (edutainment)?!… Well you’re on the right page-No pun intended!

Born in Brooklyn, New York, I quickly had to trade my apples for oranges when my family decided to make the BIG move to sunny south Florida. From an early age I knew I was destined to use my voice to amplify the love and knowledge society needs in order to function as a people. So I decided to pursue a career in media and took my talents to Orlando where I studied at the University of Central Florida and received my Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Hospitality Management.

Fast forward to present day, as a Journalism teacher by day and Broadcaster by night, I naturally saw it fit to advance my studies and pursue my Master’s degree in the field of communication, and so the journey began! I joined the CRDM fam and created a union between my love for education and media. Currently, in my second semester of the program my eyes have been opened to the endless career possibilities I can embark on and now I’m taking the steps in turning my dreams into a reality.

Journey and journal with me as I navigate my way through the course of Advanced Writing with Technologies, to discover how technology shapes our world of composition and comprehension. Looking for an outlet that scratches your itch for “edutainment?” Well….Google search no more and “Click” the notification button for more L-O-L (Live.Out.Loud) with Danielle!